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Entrypoints are scripts or CSS files that Laravel Vite will recognize and use. They are the equivalent of Laravel Mix's .js or .postCss's first parameters and are configured in config/vite.php. See the relevant documentation.

Within Laravel Vite, it means they will be passed to Vite and will be injected automatically via the @vite directive.


Typically, you would only need to use the @vite directive in a Blade file to include all configured entrypoints.

When needed, you can use the @tag directive instead, which gives you more granular control over what is included. Remember that in this case, you will need to include the Vite client script as well using the @client directive.

Automatic CSS injection

In manifest mode, when using either the @vite or @tag directives, any CSS file included within the scripts will also be rendered.

In server mode, CSS files will be injected by the Vite client script.

Flashes of unstyled content

During development, you can encounter a FOUC depending on the load-time of your page. This is caused by relying on the Vite client to load the CSS included in the scripts.

To resolve this issue, you may use a CSS file as an entrypoint instead of importing it in a script. This will result in its style tag being included by the @vite and @tag directives instead of waiting for the Vite client to inject them.

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