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Vite plugin

This section explains each configuration property available for the Vite plugin.

As a reminder, these options can be used when calling the default export of vite-plugin-laravel:

import { defineConfig } from 'vite'
import laravel from 'vite-plugin-laravel'

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [
    laravel({ /* ... */ })


This option can be one of the following:

  • A path to a file that contains a JSON version of the Laravel package configuration.
  • An object representing the Laravel package configuration.
  • The name of a configuration defined in config/vite.php's configs.
  • false to disable reading the configuration from the path defined in the CONFIG_PATH_VITE environment variable.


The path to the PHP executable. By default, the path in the the PHP_EXECUTABLE_PATH environment variable will be used, or php if it's not defined.


This option is a shortcut for Vite's css.postcss.plugins option. You can read more about that in their documentation.


This option has the shape of Vite's ssr option and is conditionally injected into the configuration when using building for SSR, that is when using the --ssr flag.


This option defines whether to update the tsconfig.json file with the aliases defined in config/vite.php's aliases.


This option defines whether overrides defined by the user should be taken into account. This is true by default.

For instance, the --host flag won't work if you set allowOverrides to false.


This option is a convenient way of performing actions when a file changes.

As an array

If watch is an array, its values must implement the following interface:

interface WatchInput {
  condition: (file: string) => boolean
  handle: (parameters: { file: string; server: ViteDevServer }) => void

The condition callback takes the watched file that just changed and returns a value indicating whether handle should be called.

The handle callback takes the same file as well as the Vite development server instance and can perform whatever action you want.

As an object

If watch is an object, the following properties are available:

interface WatchOptions {
  reloadOnBladeUpdates?: boolean
  reloadOnConfigUpdates?: boolean
  input?: WatchInput[]


By default, Vite will perform a full reload when a Blade file is updated. You can set this option to false to disable this behavior.


By default, Vite will invalidate the module graph and perform a full reload when the config/vite.php file is updated. You can set this option to false to disable this behavior.


In this case, input would be the same as if watch was an array. See the documentation above.


The following example re-generates the translation files when a translation changes, and re-generates the route file when routes are updated.

  watch: [
      condition: (file) => file.includes('resources/lang'),
      handle: () => callArtisan(findPhpPath(), 'i18n:generate'),
      condition: (file) => file.includes('routes/'),
      handle: () => callArtisan(findPhpPath(), 'routes:generate'),
Vite plugin configuration has loaded