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Server and manifest modes


Server mode

By default, when generating script or stylesheet tags, Laravel Vite will try to contact the development server (this is the "heartbeat check") to ensure it is started, in which case it will serve the assets.

This is what you will typically use in development.

Manifest mode

Otherwise, the manifest file and the previously-generated (and potentially outdated) build will be used. This allows the application to still be accessible even when the development server is not started.

This happens in production, but there are also a few situations when the manifest mode can be used in a local environment.


Depending on a few parameters, the manifest mode will be used and the heartbeat check can be skipped.

  • If the application is in production mode (through APP_ENV), the manifest mode will always be used.
  • If the development server is disabled (through dev_server.enabled), the manifest mode will always be used.
  • If the heartbeat check is disabled (through dev_server.ping_before_using_manifest), the manifest mode will not be used, unless in production.

Common exception

When trying to generate tags while the server is not started and the assets are not built, a ManifestNotFoundException will be thrown.

Check the development documentation for more information.

Heartbeat check implementation

You may need to replace the heartbeat implementation depending on your networking setup.

To do so, you will need to bind your own implementation to the Innocenzi\Vite\HeartbeatCheckers\HeartbeatChecker interface. This can be done in the configuration.

Overriding the mode

If you have specific requirements and you prefer using your own logic to determine if the development server or the manifest should be used, you may call Vite::useManifest().

Vite::useManifest(function (Configuration $configuration) {
  return true;

Its return value will determine whether the manifest will be used. If the callback returns null instead of a boolean value, it will be ignored and the normal checks will be performed.

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