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The manifest could not be found

This exception means that Laravel Vite is trying to use a manifest file and it can't find it.

If this happens in your local environment, make sure you read about the server and manifest modes and check:

  • That you started the development server
  • That your APP_ENV is set to local
  • That your configuration's dev_server.enabled option is set to true
  • That your configuration's dev_server.url or dev_server.ping_url is reacheable via your Laravel application
  • If you have your own HeartbeatChecker implementation, make sure you defined it in interfaces.heartbeat_checker

If this happens in production, make sure you generated the bundle and that your configuration's build_path is correct.

The page is refreshing in a loop

This is due to the client's websocket not being able to connect to the development server.

It may happen if you are using https and your certificates are not properly configured. See how to use HTTP over TSL.

How do I get the path of an asset from the back-end?

There is unfortunately no way to get the path of a Vite-processed asset (eg. an image that was imported in a Vue single-file component) from the back-end.

This is due to the manifest file not containing a reference to the original file path, hence making it impossible to reference an asset both in development and in production.

That issue known

Changing this behavior would be a breaking change. Keep track of the issue in the vitejs/vite repository:

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