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PHP path


The Vite plugin infers its configuration from what is defined in config/vite.php. By default, in order to do that, it will try to call the php binary.

In multiple scenarios though, a global php binary is not available. In such cases, you will need to configure Vite accordingly.

Changing the path to PHP

One option is to simply configure Vite to find your php binary. There are two ways to do that:

  • By setting the PHP_EXECUTABLE_PATH environment variable
  • By setting the php plugin option

Basically, if the php plugin option is defined, Vite will use it. Otherwise, it will try to reach for a path defined in PHP_EXECUTABLE_PATH, or fall back to calling php directly.

Setting the path to a JSON configuration file

Another option is to preemptively extract the configuration to a JSON file, so the Vite configuration can be defined without calling PHP at all.

The hidden php artisan vite:config command outputs a JSON string that you can save wherever you want.

There are two ways to tell Vite to use your JSON configuration file:

If CONFIG_PATH_VITE is defined and is a path, Vite will try to read the corresponding file. Otherwise, if config is defined, it will be used instead. If neither are defined, the php binary will be called according to the rules stated above.

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