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Upgrade from 0.1.x


There were many changes since 0.1.x, but catching up should take no longer than 15 minutes.

The main changes are related to the configuration files, which structure changed drastically in order to support new features.

High-impact changes

Update innocenzi/laravel-vite

Although no major breaking change is expected, the package is currently in beta, so you need to specify the version:

> composer require innocenzi/laravel-vite:0.2.*

Replace laravel-vite by vite-plugin-laravel

First, make the changes to your dependencies:

npm remove laravel-vite
npm i -D vite-plugin-laravel

The defineConfig was previously a wrapper around the Vite configuration, but it introduced a few edge-cases and implied some workarounds internally to work properly.

We decided to go the normal way by providing a normal Vite plugin instead.

Open vite.config.ts and make the following changes:

  • Use vite's defineConfig instead of laravel-vite's, and use the plugin option instead of chaining withPlugin to defineConfig:
- import { defineConfig } from 'laravel-vite'
+ import { defineConfig } from 'vite'
+ import laravel from 'vite-plugin-laravel'
  import vue from '@vitejs/plugin-vue'

- export default defineConfig()
- 	.withPlugin(vue)
+ export default defineConfig({
+   plugins: [
+     vue(),
+     laravel()
+   ]
+ })
  • Replace withPostCss with the postcss option of the plugin:
- export default defineConfig()
- 	.withPostCSS([
- 		tailwindcss(),
- 		autoprefixer(),
- 	])
+ export default defineConfig({
+   plugins: [
+     vue(),
+     laravel({
+       postcss: [
+      		tailwindcss(),
+      		autoprefixer(),
+       ]
+     })
+   ]
+ })

Note that withCertificates has no equivalent since it is no longer needed. Instead, follow the documentation on using https locally.

Update config/vite.php

Configuration format

The configuration format changed and a few options moved. We recommend grabbing the new configuration file from the source and replacing your current one.

Then, you can configure it again, with the following changes:

  • entrypoints -> configs.default.entrypoints.path
  • ignore_patterns -> configs.default.entrypoints.ignore
  • dev_url -> configs.default.dev_server.url
  • ping_timeout -> configs.default.dev_server.ping_timeout
  • ping_url -> configs.default.dev_server.ping_url
  • build_path -> configs.default.build_path
  • commands -> commands.artisan

The @vite directive

This directive's first parameter was previously used to specify an entrypoint to include. If you were using that functionality, you should now use the @tag directive.

You can learn more about the new directives in their documentation.

Low-impact changes

The vite:aliases artisan command

This command has been renamed to vite:tsconfig. Additionally, it will now preserve the indentation of the existing tsconfig.json if there is one.

The Vite::generateTagsUsing method

This method was used to change how the tags were generated.

It no longer exists, Vite::makeScriptTagsUsing and Vite::makeStyleTagsUsing should be used instead. You can learn more about that in the tag generation documentation.

The Vite::withoutManifest method

This method was used to deny Vite from trying to use the manifest. It was specifically useful in tests.

It no longer exists, and the vite.testing_use.manifest configuration option should be used instead.

In addition to that, you can read the server and manifest modes documentation to learn how to control which of the manifest or development server should be used.

Upgrade from 0.1.x has loaded