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This guide is about an experimental feature that has yet to be tested thoroughly. Feel free to help filling the gaps by contributing to the documentation or the implementation.


Vite requires you to implement your own server, with something like Fastify or Express.

Instead of running the classic Vite development server using vite dev, you would typically start your own with node resources/ssr/server.js or esno resources/ssr/server.ts. The details are explained within Vite's SSR documentation.


Laravel Vite provides a per-configuration entrypoints.ssr option to specify a server entrypoint. For instance, it can be resources/scripts/ssr.ts.

Keep in mind that the code in this file should not access the DOM, since it will be executed by Node.

To build the server script, simply use the --ssr flag. The Vite plugin will read the configured entrypoint and use it.

SSR options

You may provide SSR options to the laravel plugin. Refer to the plugin configuration documentation to learn more.

Example package.json

As an example, the scripts in package.json could look like the following:

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "node resources/ssr/server.js",
    "build:client": "vite build",
    "build:server": "vite build --ssr"
SSR has loaded